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This is an archive page with data from the Option 24/7 2016 campaign.
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Save your bus services - Support option 24/7

What are we facing?
• Almost ALL Wiltshire evening, Sunday, Bank Holiday services to disappear.
• Withdrawal of many rural bus services.
• Interurban and town bus services to be drastically reduced.
• Not enough capacity for community transport to plug gaps.
• "Nuclear" Option 6 could leave vast swathes of the county without ANY buses.
• Council plans could bring local bus operators to the brink of collapse.
Wiltshire Council has launched a consultation on the future of the bus services that they currently support. Set against a backdrop of a big reduction in overall funding for council services, they have put forward a number of options aimed at saving money from the supported buses budget, and are asking for your view on these.

There IS an alternative - option 24/7
• A bus network that involves YOU and your community, working to serve your interests.
• A bus network shaped by your travel needs.
• A bus network that opens the way for simple affordable bus fares.
• A bus network better thought through - less duplication, more journey opportunities.
• A bus network that is more easily linked with other modes such as rail.
• Timetabled Connections making your onward journeys easier.
• A bus network with reinvigorated operators making a fair, secure income.
• Council, Community & operators working together & provide a better overall service.
• An innovative network that is fit for purpose, for future challenges and expansion.
• A bus network that is solid, robust, efficient, and able to deliver the savings that Wiltshire Council require WITHOUT massive service cuts, giving you the security of knowing that your bus service is safe, and available when you need it.
Senior figures at Wiltshire Council have informed us that Option 24/7 can be included in the devolution proposals, but only if we can demonstrate strong public support for the idea. Therefore, we need your help as follows when you answer the questionnaire:

Learn About Options

The Wiltshire Council subsidised bus consultation ran until 4th April 2016 and archive copies can be found on our links page. Read the government's proposal as it currently stands: First draft. Take a look at Michelle Donelan's thoughts on Option 24/7: Chippenham MP's response.

Our Recommended Action

If you support the suggestions from Michelle Donelan MP, from central government, and from ourselves, we suggested consultation responses that include your indication of that support in answer to question 25. Enough people did so (thank you) for our suggestion to come to the notice of the consultation team.

Let Us Know Your Interest

We want to hear from you too. Please fill in our form to let us know your thoughts, suggestions, and if you responded to the council's bus subsidy consultation. Response Form

Spread the Word

Please ask your friends, family, colleagues and fellow travellers to take an interest too! If you're in any doubt about something, please use the contact form to get in touch; we'll be happy to answer you by email, or on Facebook or Twitter. And if your question has common interest, we'll add it to our Frequently Asked Questions.