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This is an archive page with data from the Option 24/7 2016 campaign.
For Bus Back Better (2021) we are updating information at

Option 24/7 "Buses Back Better" - Community Meeting - 29th March 2021
Slides shown available at

* We will look at the overall picture, the local Transport area picture, and the local community area.
* There will be plenty of opportunity for on topic interaction.
* We will look forward to follow through for Better Buses with community input.

Provisional Agenda:

1. From the Chair (PB)

2. Overview (GE)
- The biggest change in the bus industry since 1986
- Strong Community involvement in planning future service
- Ongoing bus funding support depends on following the strategy

3. What BBB says - what, when, who, where (LF)

4. Why - current system issues, future needs (GE, KH)

5. A look to a possible future (LF and GE)

6. How should we as a community facilitate the good in BBB? (the team)
- Help advise on service/network futures including intermodal
- Look to work with operators, LTAs and other modes and groups in partnership
- Offer ongoing community help to ensure the changes work

7. Next Steps (the team)
- Learning what people want now and will in coming years
- Building an ongoing picture of that use and potential use
- Setting this up for OUR area and YOUR area for guests at our meeting
- Sharing ongoing experience

8. Conclusion (PB)

* Other pages on this site introduce you to Option 24/7 and "Buses Back Better"
* We will mirror the "Buses Back Better" publication (here)

The Option 24/7 team is back together and inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting

Topic: Buses Back Better, UK - Wiltshire - Melksham. Mar 29, 2021 18:30, London

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Meeting ID: 890 5934 4622
Passcode: 973836

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